At SAMAN, human capital is one of our most valuable assets. Our employees’ knowledge and dedication are important driving factors, and their initiatives and potential actively contribute towards the sustained growth of the company.

The main task of our department is to manage, together with this capital, the objectives of working as a team and promoting the professional and personal development of each worker to the highest degree. Our efforts are directed towards selecting, training, and retaining those who are members of our organization.


At SAMAN, the Human Resources branch works to be the forerunner of change by managing a process of steady improvement through effective collaboration among all employees and the commitment to make our organization a great place to work. The HR staff strategically deals with giving the company an organized structure with a strong sense of belonging, as well as promoting the ethics, talent, leadership, and common core values among our primary competitive advantage: our people.


We rely on a systematic development process driven by increasingly demanding achievement standards, which we use to encourage the ongoing training and motivation of our collaborators, with the aim of improving the relationship between an employee’s skills and the job requirements.