SAMAN makes the commitment to integrate into its operational management the needs and interests of the community and concern for the environment, putting into practice the ethical values and principles that have been the base of its organization from the very beginning.

As a member of DERES, a civil association bringing together a considerable number of companies, organizations, and institutions, our company is committed to promoting profitability in a sustainable way, as we are convinced that this is the path for strengthening not only our own economic growth, but also that of the country as a whole.

SAMAN understands that it has a direct and ongoing responsibility to those communities where it operates. With this in mind, it carries out a series of activities oriented towards achieving the wellbeing and development of these communities, some of which we describe here.


We offer the opportunity for students and teachers from public and private educational institutions to visit our processing plants.

The children take an instructional tour of the different processes carried out in the factory, in which we emphasize our policies related to environmental protection, safety, and hygiene. At the end of the visit, students receive educational materials and gifts.


Since 2014 SAMAN has been participating in the Salir Adelante Foundation, providing support in the form of scholarships for young students from socio-economically vulnerable households, who demonstrate good academic achievement, starting in 10th grade and following them along their educational path, building sustainable social protection networks, to help them gain access to academic and professional opportunities in the near future.


As is our custom, SAMAN collaborates, through rice donations, with institutions of many types, giving priority to soup kitchens, educational and health institutions, religious organizations, and those that promote environmental protection.


At SAMAN, protecting the environment is a priority for the health and well-being of its employees, as well as for quality of life in the community where it is present.

For that reason, we take all the actions necessary for ensuring responsible operations, by respecting and complying with the applicable environmental laws and regulations. In this way, and among other control measures, with state-of-the-art equipment, we monitor environmental quality at the sites of our industrial plants through periodic measurements of noise levels and air quality.

SAMAN’s Environmental Management System thus provides a mechanism for continual improvement in this area, meeting national and international standards, and it commits itself to minimize negative impacts on the environment and to strengthen the positive ones generated where its activities are conducted, always in line with principles of sustainable development.


 SAMAN has a plan in place for separation of waste materials, which rates their recyclable value or, if this is not possible, determines their planned and orderly final disposal, all the while encouraging awareness among its employees regarding concern for the environment.

The plan covers the separate disposal of paper, different types of batteries, glass, plastic containers, and other waste. Recycling of materials decreases the amount of waste at final disposal sites, thereby minimizing its environmental impact, while at the same time protecting natural resources and creating jobs.