A commitment to quality is a key part of our work philosophy. It all begins with the careful selection of a top-notch seed supplied by the National Agricultural Research Institute. It continues with the technical support provided to producers by our agronomists, so that, together, they ensure that all the efforts of the full cycle materialize in the harvest. This is how we achieve a homogeneous raw product, the primary aim of our policies.

The challenge extends to our industrial plants, where a uniform post-harvest approach, employing modern technology, guarantees that the highest quality standards are met. We have the means to ensure, throughout the entire industrial process, that our rice is of pure variety, without varietal mixes, a characteristic which represents one of our core values.

Our strong exporter profile has put us in contact with a wide range of cultures. For this reason, it is one of our goals to develop a product that satisfies our consumers. The constant control over the rice grain throughout the entire process, along with the development of proper cooking techniques, is what allows us to achieve that objective.