In a highly competitive, increasingly demanding international rice market, the activity of the Foreign Trade Department is essential in a company with a clear exporter profile such as ours.

We work on daily tracking of the specific reports from the different buyer markets, a monitoring task that allows us to anticipate their demands and, at the same time, develop action strategies. We have the ability to meet the supply needs, with the same quality of service, of both small-quantity and large-volume purchasers, from a single container to an entire ship.

We strive to strengthen the commercial link that we maintain with our clients, middlemen, and foreign agents, with whom we are in constant contact. This key relationship is strengthened by the regular visits that we make to the different markets and potential clients, together with our presence at international trade shows and business rounds.

That is how we have managed to build an image of responsibility based on very high-quality products and top-notch service within and beyond our borders. SAMAN rice has succeeded in conquering the most demanding markets.