SAMAN is dedicated to providing labeled seed to its producers and meeting all their needs during each planting season. Achieving this goal and fulfilling this duty in a feasible manner is the task of our Seed department. To this end, we have implemented a strict production process.

Each year, the seed that we supply to producers for planting their fields is certified and born out of a propagation process that respects the production protocols set forth by the National Seed Institute. Following this production protocol, we receive from the National Agricultural Research Institute, the basic seed, that of the highest degree of purity, and in a controlled propagation process, we are able to reproduce it with the highest quality standards kept intact.

In order to achieve this, we apply rigorous controls in each step of the process, ranging from the selection of rice paddies, to the cleanliness of the machinery assigned to the workplace, the planting, crop care during the growing season, manual thinning of undesired plants, and finally the harvest itself. Afterwards, we supervise all stages of transport and unloading in order to reach the grain milling stage at an industrial plant specifically designed for this purposed and duly inspected and authorized.

The absolutely independent management of each variety of seed is what allows us to guarantee the maintenance of varietal purity: the starting point for our product’s chief mark of quality within the industry.