Galofer S. A. is a plant that cogenerates electric energy and vapor from the burning of the rice hull. This company is formed by the major rice industries of Uruguay, of which SAMAN is its main shareholder with forty-five percent of its shares.

This biomass electricity generation plant has given new value to rice hull, the main waste product of our industry, while at the same time allowing for the diversification of the nation’s energy matrix. It also creates a beneficial environmental impact through the careful management of the hull, a completely renewable resource.

It is strategically located in the center of the country’s main rice basin and collects the rice hull from the mills in the project’s area of influence. The hull is burned at high temperatures to generate water vapor with the pressure needed to activate a turbine, which, by means of a reducer, moves an electric generator, producing the energy that eventually flows into the national electric grid. Its generative capacity is fourteen megawatts, with a net supply of twelve and a half megawatts to the electric grid.

In this way, we contribute to the mitigation of climate change and sustainable development in our country.