In order to guarantee the innocuousness and safety of its products, SAMAN has obtained the BRC Standard Certification (Worldwide Standard on Food Safety). The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is a global tool based on the most recent food safety standards and procedures.

BRC is a certification standard developed in the United Kingdom by the British Retailer Association, which brings together the main business associations of the UK, from small retailers to large wholesalers and specialized supermarkets. It was developed with the purpose of complying with legal requirements and to guarantee the highest level of protection for clients, providing organizations with a clear and consistent methodology for measuring product safety and to ensure customer confidence. At present it is recognized internationally and has been adopted by major food industries around the world.

There is an increasing demand for food quality and safety. Therefore, continuous improvement is a must in order to stay competitive. Thanks to this certification we may continue to access the most demanding markets, while preserving a solid relationship with our clients and providing assurance to our consumers. Additionally, our production processes are rational and transparent; we can apply efficient internal control procedures and thus minimize major food risks, among other advantages. There is no doubt that this system strengthens our position as leaders within the industry and contributes to the company’s growth.

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